Esthetique Genève - Injections Botox et Filler par Dr Bustani, Genève

BOTOX and HYALURONIC ACID: At what age to start?

Esthetique Genève - Injections Botox et Filler par Dr Bustani, Genève

THE RIGHT TIME to start aesthetic injections

There is no age limit for these treatments. We can start treating fine lines between 30 and 40 years, the treatment is simpler and we also get a preventive action. A face can reshape at any age, certain corrections, such as the volume of the lips, are made even in young women.

So, if the goal is prevention, when should you start treatment? At any time when patients start to notice or are embarrassed by lion lines, forehead lines, etc., it is reasonable to consider starting treatments. If someone starts to notice fine lines going through and really wants to stop them from turning into bigger folds, then they are the ideal Botox patient


The corrections made by injections of semi-absorbable products are quite durable. An annual review or every two years is sufficient. For absorbable products, the hold is shorter: on average 6 to 12 months. Biannual corrections usually require little product and their cost is lower.

There is no particular age. Several situations can arise.
- The very young woman or man who presents accelerated aging or family wrinkles.
- Young women and men who want to keep their freshness and prevent the signs of aging.
- The middle-aged woman or man who wishes to treat more or less pronounced wrinkles and wants to wait a little longer before resorting to rejuvenation surgery.
- The middle-aged woman or man who refuses surgery. In this case the filling of wrinkles does not replace surgery, but it allows to keep a certain freshness.