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Facial wrinkles and aging skin: BOTOX OR FILLER?

Expression lines, caused by muscle contraction, can be treated with the Botox.

These wrinkles have another origin than those resulting from the aging of the skin, and which will be detailed below.


The contraction of the facial muscles creates facial expressions but ultimately causes expression lines. The best indications of treatment with the Botox are the frown lines (wrinkles frown, vertical wrinkles, frown or glabellar) located between the eyes, forehead lines and those of the crow's feet at the corner of the eyes . Other unsightly wrinkles and folds are sometimes treated in the nose, chin or neck.

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Aging of the skin

What is the role of skin aging:

The muscle weakened and relaxed by botox no longer contracts, thus stopping the development of expression lines. This is how treatment with Botox wrinkles and prevents their formation. An appropriate injection technique makes it possible to respect the muscles necessary for the elevation of the eyelids and the expression of feelings to maintain an expressive face.

The use of Botox in the treatment of wrinkles around the mouth is more delicate because the muscles of this region are necessary to speak and to eat.

Human skin is influenced by several factors that cause it to age. Age is obviously the most important: It is natural aging. Age changes the structure of the skin. This consists of three layers, the surface epidermis, the dermis, and the hypodermis rich in fat cells. As we age, skin cells renew themselves less well through loss of collagen. The skin dries out, streaks and the tissues relax. Wrinkles then appear superficially in the epidermis and then widen to the dermis. It loses its flexibility and deep wrinkles then fall into place.


The different treatments - BOTOX and HYALURONIC ACID

Anti-aging treatment is and has always been a hot topic. Since Antiquity, men and women have sought to keep youth as long as possible. Today, our culture is particularly focused on young people, which has made the anti-aging treatment industry a very big company. The reality is that aging is not a process that can be stopped. It is however possible to age well, and it has much less to do with erasing facial wrinkles, and much more to do with a healthy lifestyle in mind and body, and to accept the aging process. as part of the normal course of life.

Today there are many treatments for wrinkles, from prevention to their filling ( Hyaluronic Acid, or Radiesse For example). Wrinkles appear as a “break” in the skin. There are two main factors that cause wrinkles.

The environment, especially sun and tobacco, plays a decisive role.
Tobacco narrows the diameter of the capillary vessels that nourish the skin and supply the cells. They are becoming more and more fragile.
The sun is an accelerator of skin aging.

The force of Earth's gravity and the attraction it exerts on soft tissues (breasts, buttocks) and facial tissues in particular. Thus the ptosis (fall) of the facial tissues in a vertical direction vector, determines a very specific phenotype due to the migration of the premalial tissues (on the cheekbones) and the premandibular fat (at the level of the jaw contour):
The ring malar appears, the nasolabial fold widens and the jowls emerge.

Another factor accelerates the phenomenon of cheekbone ptosis and the appearance of jowl: it is the contraction of the skin muscles of the face.
The muscles by contracting on mobile structures (facial fat) cause their mobilization according to the vector of gravity. In addition the muscles by contracting attracts the skin which forms deep wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, bitterness folds at the level of the lips and vertical labial wrinkles.

There are thus 4 stages of facial aging

Stage 2: from 35 to 45 years
Aging is installed: the rest wrinkles are present and the tissue ptosis is well primed.

Stage 3: from 40 to more
The stigmas of aging are there. The oval of the face is disturbed by the jowl, the dark circle is marked and the perimal tissues are no longer in their place.

The aging process

In the human body, the aging process takes this form: during the first 20 to 50 years of life, the cells of the body renew themselves almost perfectly. After that, there is a decrease in the ability to respond to stress, imbalances in the "systems" in the body and an increased risk of disease. Ultimately, this failure results in death.

Some scientists now argue that aging is a disease that can be cured. Indeed, there is a genetic trigger mechanism that causes the onset of aging, and theoretically it is possible to affect this trigger. However, millions of years of breeding have created the aging process, choosing reproduction over longevity as the species' survival method. It would be very difficult to create an anti-aging treatment that could overcome the evolutionary process.

"In-depth" anti-aging treatment

More than 80% of the products that claim to be anti-aging treatments are simply designed to treat facial and neck wrinkles. Plastic surgery and botox injections are also presented as an anti-aging treatment, but in reality, all this concerns the aesthetic quality of aging, i.e. sagging skin, puffy eyes, gray hair and Moreover. There is nothing wrong with pursuing any of these "treatments" for example, in fact, the psychological boost can help overall health. However, be aware that these "treatments" are literally only deep skin treatments, not aging.

Hormonal anti-aging treatment

Hormonal balance is necessary for the body's vital functions to regulate and repair themselves properly. There are many types of hormones produced by the body, and as the production of these hormones begins to decline, the body undergoes many changes, including the accumulation of fat, decreased libido, suppression of the immune system, loss of muscle mass, bone density and mental clarity. Human growth hormone has been touted as the "master" hormone that controls much of the body's functions, and there have been many claims that HGH injections significantly slow down the aging process.

However, it has also been shown that HGH injections can cause many other problems, including the creation of diabetes in the body. This is a controversial area that is still being studied, but there is still a danger associated with taking animal hormones in the body.

Calories Restricted Anti-Aging Treatment

Another method of anti-aging treatment is to practice calorie restriction. This means eating far fewer calories and achieving a body weight 15% to 20% lower than your natural "benchmark weight". Obesity puts a lot of stress on the body, and few overweight people achieve longevity. Unfortunately, obesity has become an epidemic in the developed world, which means that few people will be willing to try calorie restriction as a way to achieve healthy aging. It also means that it is difficult to establish what our actual “benchmark weight” is, as most guidelines are adjusted to account for general obesity in our society.

The simplest anti-aging treatment

The best and most holistic anti-aging treatment is also what most people don't want to hear: follow a proper diet and exercise regularly. Societies that tend to have older people have several things in common: they eat more vegetables than anything else, they eat very little red meat, they spend most days, everyday, walking and work, and their society has a healthy respect for the elderly.

It is difficult to practice this in our society, especially since a large part of our food is full of sugar, sedentary jobs and leisure activities are the norm, and our society tends to consider the elderly as products disposable. However, being aware of what we need to do can help us make everyday decisions and ultimately lead to healthier lives.

The best anti-aging treatment allows all healthy and safe methods, for body and mind. Most of the anti-aging treatment industry is designed to try to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, which can give confidence a big boost. However, it is just as important to be concerned with overall health; to eliminate toxins, maintain a low calorie intake, get lots of exercise and fresh air, and drink lots of pure, clean water. Combine it all with a grateful attitude and you get a winning combination for a long, healthy and happy life.