Esthetique Genève - Injections Botox et Filler par Dr Bustani, Genève

Hand rejuvenation - RADIESSE is the solution

Esthetique Genève - Injections Filler dans les mains
Esthetique Genève - Injections Filler dans les mains
The hands are a sign that marks aging. The rejuvenation of the face must be accompanied by that of the hands.

CHARACTERISTICS of aging hands

This aging is characterized by the appearance of spots and a thinning of the skin making the tendons and veins appear.
The spots can be eliminated by treatment with pulsed light.
The other signs of aging can be treated by filling the hands with calcium hydroxy apatite like Radiesse . The Radiesse is an injectable implant for remodeling and correction with immediate effects. This new filler will restore youth to your hands thanks to its volumizing and tightening effect.


The doctor performs a few small points of local anesthesia before injecting the radiesse into the intradermal spaces under the skin using fine needles and will then massage the product in order to obtain the homogenious diffusion of the product.
It is a simple treatment done under local anesthesia performed in about twenty minutes.
Radiesse is 100% biocompatible; no fear of allergies. Apart from a small hematoma at the injection site which resolves within a few days, in 3 to 5% of cases there is a small reaction with redness and heat requiring the application of a cream for 4 to 5 days.
There is no post treatment pain. Hematomas are exceptional.
The result is immediate and lasts about 18 months.
Esthetique Genève - Injections Radiesse dans les mains
Esthetique Genève - Injections Filler par Dr Bustani, Genève